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Breaking Habits is Hard to Do

Whether eating, exercising, or something else, it’s hard to change the routines we’re used to.  But humans are adaptable.  We can adjust to practically anything, and this is great news when it comes to changing habits.  As I learn more about global … Continue reading

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National Honey Bee Day

You’ve probably heard about the declining bee population, maybe from the news, the Vanishing of the Bees, or Save the Dandelions.  Maybe you haven’t heard that National Honey Bee Day is Saturday, August 16th! There are a bunch of factors that … Continue reading

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Why MOM’s Sells Eden’s

Many customers have contacted MOM’s about Eden’s Organics, requesting that we pull the products because of their healthcare stance.  MOM’s response is: As retailers we sometimes find ourselves working with companies that do not align with our values to a T. … Continue reading

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We can Adapt to Anything

Humans can get used to just about anything.  Isn’t that amazing?  We are great at hedonic adaptation – also known as “getting used to stuff.”  After an adjustment period, we can recalibrate our happiness even in unfortunate circumstances.  We adapt when a … Continue reading

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Eyes On Your Kids

You’re the parent. You’re the boss. You make the decisions for your family. Right? Well, food marketers have noticed that there’s a very influential lobbyist, of sorts, in your midst: Your child. Children have an impressive repertoire of tactics to … Continue reading

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My Lawn, Your Lawn

Why is chemical treatment on my lawn such a big deal?  It’s my grass on my property.  It’s not like I’m spraying all my neighbor’s lawns or the playground or the dog park. It was presented to me like this- … Continue reading

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New MOM’s in the Neighborhood!

Last Friday I made a trek up to Philadelphia to meet with the staff of our up-coming Bryn Mawr, PA store. The team in Bryn Mawr is smart, fun and ready to work hard for our community, so it was … Continue reading

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