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Majestic Creature in its Natural…WAIT.

What natural creatures do you see every day?  I see squirrels and deer pretty often.  And insects!  Stink bugs are common in my house, and I’m starting to see bees and moths regularly.  Occasionally I see a chipmunk or rabbit, … Continue reading

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The Mystery Behind the Numbers

Recycling isn’t very intuitive.  Some sorts of plastic can be recycled, some sorts of packaging can’t, it varies in every county… I know I’m guilty of pitching something into the recycle bin and hoping I made the right choice! Thankfully, … Continue reading

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My Shameless Addiction to Plastic

I have a confession to make. There are plastic bags stashed all over my house. I must have hundreds. It’s become a bit of an addiction. Someone call Hoarders, because I just can’t seem to let go— I have to … Continue reading

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