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Breaking Habits is Hard to Do

Whether eating, exercising, or something else, it’s hard to change the routines we’re used to.  But humans are adaptable.  We can adjust to practically anything, and this is great news when it comes to changing habits.  As I learn more about global … Continue reading

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Have a Bee-Friendly Yard

National Honey Bee Day is this Saturday!  One way to “bee” friendly is to create a pollinator-friendly garden by avoiding pesticides and planting flowers that bloom at different times. All these flowers are indigenous to the Eastern United States.  They … Continue reading

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Why MOM’s Sells Eden’s

Many customers have contacted MOM’s about Eden’s Organics, requesting that we pull the products because of their healthcare stance.  MOM’s response is: As retailers we sometimes find ourselves working with companies that do not align with our values to a T. … Continue reading

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Philly Veg Fest = big hit

MOM’s was pretty excited to be part of Philadelphia’s first annual Veg Fest. The event took place at The Shambles, and it was a sunny day.  We weren’t sure what to expect for attendance, but a conservative estimate suggests around 5,000 … Continue reading

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We can Adapt to Anything

Humans can get used to just about anything.  Isn’t that amazing?  We are great at hedonic adaptation – also known as “getting used to stuff.”  After an adjustment period, we can recalibrate our happiness even in unfortunate circumstances.  We adapt when a … Continue reading

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Majestic Creature in its Natural…WAIT.

What natural creatures do you see every day?  I see squirrels and deer pretty often.  And insects!  Stink bugs are common in my house, and I’m starting to see bees and moths regularly.  Occasionally I see a chipmunk or rabbit, … Continue reading

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Lawn Lunch

You may have a salad growing in your yard. There are lots of reasons not to treat your lawn with chemicals and pesticides, and one of them is that your yard may be edible!   You may find your relationship … Continue reading

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Organic Lawn Care Toolshed

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The holidays are upon us! Snow-flake and wreath decorations started cropping up in October, and we knew what that meant: get your wallets.  The most consumptive (and possible least eco) time of year was coming! The problem isn’t giving.  Generosity … Continue reading

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The Mystery Behind the Numbers

Recycling isn’t very intuitive.  Some sorts of plastic can be recycled, some sorts of packaging can’t, it varies in every county… I know I’m guilty of pitching something into the recycle bin and hoping I made the right choice! Thankfully, … Continue reading

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