My Lawn, Your Lawn

cigarette_litterWhy is chemical treatment on my lawn such a big deal?  It’s my grass on my property.  It’s not like I’m spraying all my neighbor’s lawns or the playground or the dog park.

It was presented to me like this- sure, smoking a cigarette directly affects my body.  And sure, who can tell me what to do with my body?  But the truth is that the harmful Water Systemcomponents of cigarettes not only affect my body, but also those around me.  From the effects of second hand smoke, to the litter, to the environmentally stressful tobacco growing process, to the chemicals leeching into soil and water systems- cigarettes affect more than just the person smoking.

Chemicals used on lawns do quite the same thing.  It’s my lawn.  But where are the chemicals going after I apply them?  They’re leeching into the soil.  They’re running off with the rainwater.  They’re being tracked into the house.  The kids are going after their softballs in my lawn.  The dogs are sniffing and rolling around.  The bees are suffering.

Playing in Lawn

Culturally, we have a very quick fix sort of mindset.  We generally forget to think about the holistic impacts we have.  And quite frankly, many of us probably just aren’t aware!


There are great organizations out there creating the necessary awareness about the dangers associated with chemical lawn care.  Thank you to Beyond Pesticides for all your efforts!  And there are also many different resources providing alternative methods to maintaining pests and attractive yards, such as Gardener’s Supply Company.  All we need is a little elbow grease!

– MOM’s Employee of multiple MOM’s locations

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2 Responses to My Lawn, Your Lawn

  1. One of the things that makes me see red (and all of the yoga in the world can’t change this) is when people throw cigarette butts from their car windows. I wish all people were conscious of the damage they’re doing to their bodies and our Mother Earth.

  2. I feel you- I would venture to say that many people are indeed conscious of the damage to some extent. How they respond may be more telling of the value put on something. And how can you convince someone to place value on something like Mother Earth? That’s the answer I’m looking for 🙂 Let me know if you find it first!

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