It’s Lemon Thyme!

Fresh herbs off the truck this week–rosemary, spearmint and lemon thyme from A Thyme to Plant Herb Farm in Glen Allen, VA!  Ever wonder what the difference is between thyme and lemon thyme? Did they crossbreed lemon and thyme and make some zany hybrid?

Lemon thyme is just the opposite of scary. It’s sweet and lemony, perfect for using in marinades for fish or chicken and is superb in dessert recipes. Think teacakes or scones. Sweet, moist dessert breads.  A sophisticated, yet understated flavor that makes the taster do a double-take.  This recipe from the herb farmers at A Thyme to Plant Farm is a must for those who enjoy lemon cake or zucchini bread.  It’s subtly sweet and perfect for dessert or at breakfast with a cup of coffee. Words from the wise—don’t try to substitute regular thyme, it’s too savory for this type of recipe.

For this Lemon Tea Cake recipe and more, check out our new Recipes tab!

Charis works at MOM’s Central Office.

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1 Response to It’s Lemon Thyme!

  1. rickoshay says:

    Charis. We’re still wondering what the difference is. You asked the question we’ve been asking but stopped there. Please clarify the differences. Is regular thyme more medicinal, if so, how? Is lemon thyme just a great culinary herb but with few, if any medicinal properties? Are there any medicinal properties in common? ThanKS!

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