The Worms Know Best

Growing up, at least when it came to apples, “wormy” and “organic” were synonymous, and meant the very best!

During fall visits to my grandparent’s house in Virginia, I would run first thing to the orchard to see if the apples were ready. Even hard, tart, slightly green premature apples would not deter me from sinking my teeth in.

Apples were also my favorite crop to pick. My father would climb high into the upper branches and toss them down for us to catch; the  toddler sitting atop the growing collection in the bushel basket, teething away on a Winesap. (This probably also explains my notorious love for climbing up fruit trees.)

In the evening we’d sit around the kitchen with paring knives, cutting out the “bad” spots, slicing them up for apple crisp and applesauce.

Despite having access to the highest quality, organic apples, year round, I find that no apple compares to a local organic apple in season… And “shelf stable” cider at any other time of year just doesn’t do all that much for me either.

It doesn’t get fresher than this Albemarle Co. cider.

Pressed, bottled–everyone brings their own recycled jugs from home–and even refrigerated in the orchard!

Soren works at MOM’s Central Office.

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  1. Cheryl Morris says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story!

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