Crispin Cloudy Unfiltered Hard Cider

Hurricane Irene ran summer out of this town, right quick. The cool evenings of fall have moved in and stomped out the warm late afternoons.

In preparation for the new season, friends and I conducted a Crispin Taste Review of 3 varieties of the highly popular beverage. Crispin is cloudy, unfiltered, natural hard cider. The alcohol content of hard ciders is approximate to beer.

Check out the review below and decide which Crispin might be your favorite.

Crispin Honey Crisp with Organic Honey, in the gold label:

The Honey Crisp is light in color, reminiscent of a mimosa. In fact, I proclaim Honey Crisp to be a perfectly suitable morning beverage. It is great over ice, a little tart and a little sweet, with a complex hint of fruit. The buzz is giggly and mischievous. For evening, try it with romaine salad and heirloom tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette.

Crispin Lansdowne with Irish Stout Yeast and Organic Molasses, in the black label:

The Lansdowne is a rich, mahogany color. Compared to Honey Crisp, the flavor is a deeper, sweeter, buttery flavor with a dry, crisp finish. The buzz is nostalgic, thankful, and warms the mood to music and friends.  This was my personal favorite, by only a slight margin.  Lansdowne is a great Thanksgiving brew, suitable for comforting dinners and lengthy socializing. This evening it was served with barbecued Ayrshire pork loin, steamed broccoli, and butternut squash risotto.

Crispin The Saint with Belgian Trappist Yeast and Organic Maple Syrup, in the red label:

The Saint is as palatable as champagne, maybe even more so. It has a lemony ale appearance with delicate fizz. A complex exploration of fruit, florals, and herbal notes is balanced by a cozy, familiar hint of maple syrup. The buzz is chatty, content, and could even spur a little dance routine after glass 2. Finish the evening with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

All in all, the Crispin Taste Review Weekend was a huge success, sustaining conversation and discussion, as well as smiles and chuckles.  [Crispin is not available at all MOM’s due to alcohol license restrictions in some areas, please call ahead to Alexandria, Herndon or Rockville to check stock.]

Alyssa works at multiple MOMs locations.

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1 Response to Crispin Cloudy Unfiltered Hard Cider

  1. Charis says:

    Worth every penny…Crispin ciders are delicious! I always keep one in the fridge just in case my mood calls for something other than beer or wine.

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