Screen Free Week: Ready, set, go!

SFW-logo-with-2013-date_0Screen-Free Week starts on Monday!  Screen-free week is an annual event sponsored by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC) that encourages families, schools and organizations to stay away from screens for one week.

It’s hard.  As I tried to explain to my grandmother, it’s actually impossible for those of us who work on computers.  Unless we take our vacation next week, many of us have to work on screens.  Still, we can use the week to cut down: turn off the TV and the home computer.  Turn off smartphones for a few hours every night.

What about kids?  Here are some fun screen-free activities for kids (see MOM’s Pinterest for more):

  • pine-cone-feederMake a cootie catcher (fun despite the weird name)
  • Play with home-made play dough 
  • Finger- or other such paint
  • Make sidewalk chalk paint
  • Decorate a pillow-case or white socks with fabric paint
  • Make a pinecone bird feeder 
  • Go for nature walks
  • Work in the garden/yard: plant something new or host a competition to see who can collect the most sticks from the yard or weeks from the garden.

Do you and your family/friends look up questions on smartphones?  This week, keep a list of the questions you’d usually ask Siri.  After the week, you may find you don’t need to look them up anymore!  I like this exercise because it reminds me to be patient, and that sometimes it’s okay not to know.

What are YOUR plans for Screen Free Week 2013?

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