Finally! MOMs in Merrifield.. and Tips for Shopping at MOMs

Thursday is the big day! MOMs in Merrifield will open at the Mosaic District at Lee Hwy & Gallows Rd in Fairfax, Virginia.  Here’s our detailed map.

Merrifield MOMs is possibly our most exciting venue to date — as always, its full of environmentally-compatible materials, and its designed to help support a comfortable, low-stress shopping experience for our customers.

Almost open!

Plus, its nestled in the Mosaic District (a LEED Silver certified center), which appears to be shaping up into a great little spot for noshing, sipping, catching an interesting flick, acquiring great clothes, and scoring some deals on cool finds.  A modern layout to the center makes it comfortable to visit.

And here are my tips for shopping at MOMs:

We compost!  Everything.  Even of our utensils, cups, and produce bags are compostable, so don’t expect a lot of trash cans around 🙂

We don’t sell bottled water!  We banned that stuff.  Instead, we’ll give you a free gallon of reverse-osmosis highly-filtered water (in your own container, which you can purchase if you need) on each visit, and its only 39 cents for each gallon after that.  There are single compostable cups (with lids and straws) of the same water available for you for free in the drink case if you just want a portable sip.  You won’t miss having to buy it, promise.

We are very serious about providing the lowest prices.  Please let us know if you are unsatisfied with a price in our store.  We’ve paid continuous attention to make sure that shopping at MOMs for your month’s groceries will cost you significantly less than a batch of organic groceries from another retailer.

We are very proud to be 100% wind-powered.  We purchase more wind-power than the energy we use in all our locations combined, and we know this helps support demand for wind power in our neighborhood and worldwide.

We have so much fun at work, and we work very hard. If you are interested in working for MOMs, check out our job postings regularly because we update all the time!

We prefer to carry your bags to your car, if that’s okay with you.  If its not, just say no thanks!  This practice helps keep shopping carts from blocking up the parking lot and getting damaged… plus we like to help you out!

You can contact the founder and CEO of MOMs, Scott, if you have a compliment, concern, suggestion or idea.  He considers every one of them.  His direct line is .301. 767..9433., or you can email him at and tell him what’s up.  Also, see his blog:  If you prefer, you can contact the General Manager of your nearest MOMs from our website.

Um.. what else? Oh – We carry a lot of exceptional local produce, beer, meat, cheese, dairy, and goodies, but we highly favor certified organic local foods.  Self-explanatory, I guess.

We carry only sustainable seafood.  We don’t mess around with selling nearly-extinct fish when there are some great, highly-palatable seafood that are sustainably caught (although its a bit limited, which should tell us all something!  But supporting sustainable seafood helps bring back variety over time by reducing over-fishing).

You can download e-coupons from a few brands on our website, and you can pick up another set of coupons at our Customer Service desk to get awesome deals on all sorts of food and sundries.

Don’t forget to hold on to your receipt if its over $25 and you can take it to Green Festival DC Sept 29 & 30 for 2 free weekend passes.  We’ll see you there!

Last, but definitely not least: We sell only 100% certified organic [GORGEOUS] produce in our stores.  No exceptions.  We take very special care of our produce and our customers tell us it lasts longer than anyone else’s organic produce around here. We pick up produce from many small local organic farms in Damascus, MD, Gen Allen, VA, and more than 7 other (very) nearby farms.  Check twitter @momsorganicmrkt for near-daily photos and top picks of the produce in our stores.

I’m probably forgetting all kinds of great stuff!  If you have tips for newcomers to MOMs, please leave a comment!  I hope we’ll see you this weekend (starting Thursday!).

I’ll put up a few pics of the hard-work-in-progress at the new MOMs:

Alyssa works at multiple MOMs locations.

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