Sign Up for Your Local CSA Now!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs help connect vegetable-loving residents with organic local farms that need their support. CSAs allow participants to buy a farm share and receive fresh produce in weekly installments throughout the growing season.

Homestead Farm squash - photo by Carly & Art

Your farm share fee is used by the farm to pay for seeds and supplies for their growing season. Read about shared risk.

Sign up for a CSA, pay your farm share and you’ll get weekly batches of produce to pick up at your favorite MOMs, grown and harvested at your local farm for your scrumptious cooking. Read more about our CSAs here.

Homestead Farm Poolesville, MD - photo by ShashiBellamkonda

Participating in CSAs bestows your household with a weekly supply of fresh, local organic vegetables. Many people participate in CSAs in order to introduce new and interesting fruits & vegetables to their repertoires. Others love knowing they’ve directly contributed to a local farms’ bountiful harvest, and the veggie pay-out is just a big bonus!

This year MOMs is supporting a CSA in each and every one of our locations. It may seem counter-productive to do so, given that we sell organic vegetables and seasonal produce, but we feel CSAs help connect all of us to things that matter: excellent, fresh food, and local, organic farms.

When our communities learn about new produce, we are inspired to cook more at home, and to eat a variety of healthy foods. This inherently makes CSAs a synergistic source of food and MOMs happily carves out a little nook in our stores to benefit everyone. Money is only exchanged between you and your CSA farm, not with MOMs.

The price & specifics of CSAs are dependent on the supplying farm. See below to check out your local CSA farm’s details.

Rockville & Alexandria MOMs locations will host CSA pick-ups for Even’ Star Organic Farm “We specialize in heirloom vegetables of the finest flavor, and grow our foods slowly to maximize quality and to protect the farm ecosystem that we treasure.”

Rockville & Alexandria sign up: email

Frederick & Herndon MOMs locations will host CSA pick-ups for Lancaster Farm Fresh “25 weeks of seasonal organic produce from a local cooperative of more than 75 small family farms located in Lancaster County, PA.”

Frederick & Herndon sign up:

Jessup & Timonium MOMs locations will host CSA pick-ups for One Straw Farm “Drew & Joan Norman have been growing organically since 1985, supplying restaurants, stores, and families with diverse, high quality produce.”

Jessup & Timonium sign up:

Bowie and College Park MOMs locations will host CSA pick-ups for Homestead Farm “Our passion is growing authentic, certified organic food and our commitment is to sustainable organic farming, public outreach and education.”

Giant Kohlrabi at Homestead Farm - photo by Carly & Art

Bowie & College Park sign up:

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Chas Longino says:

    When i am given a chance to choose the foods i eat, i always choose the ones that comes from Organic Farms since they are safer than pesticide ladden foods.,

    Remember to go look at our own homepage

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