A Trip to Oxon Hill Farm

Oxon Hill Farm sign, National Park Service

If you’re looking for something low-key (and cheap) to do with your self, spouse or kids over the weekend, consider a trip to Oxon Hill Farm in Oxon Hill, MD.

My husband and I took a leisurely pace through the grounds, which provided “social” interaction with goats, pigs, cows, horses, sheep, chickens and a donkey.  The turkeys were not very social, but they cascaded across yards and hills as we left.  The duck pond was in full attendance.

Oxon Hill Farm is a historic site, now maintained by the National Park Service, with the semi-original farm house sitting proudly on the hill.  [As a matter of fact, this house was once owned by my great-, great-, great-, great-grandparents during the battles of Bladensburg and Alexandria, and the burning of Washington, DC by the British.  The view while the trees are bare proves my ancestors had front row seats to witness the battles.  It must have been horrifying, as evidenced by my 3x great-grandmothers’ written descriptions of the experience.]

Nowadays the property is tucked away among highways and exit ramps (which makes it very convenient for a quick trip), but the sense of pristine seclusion remains.  There’s a beautiful view across the water, and the Masonic temple in Alexandria is visible even on a cloudy day.

cow & barn at Oxon Hill Farm, MD

Farm animals have a surprising amount of personality!  One of the horses seemed intent to keep our attention, walking along with us behind the fence, and moving to watch the pigs with us.  The pigs seemed endlessly lazy, passed out in the mud of their yard until one pig got up and promptly went along waking up each of the others’.  They grunted off to eat their food, curly tails wagging.

There’s a bit of a gift shop, and a farmhouse tour available.  See the Oxon Hill site for more

The three of us, watching the pigs

information and schedules. Its a fun trip even if you’re just strolling and enjoying the afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of urban life (yet right around the corner). A couple turns again and you’re at National Harbor.

Alyssa works in multiple MOMs locations.

wind & brick stable at Oxon Hill Farm, MD

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