7 Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be extravagant (unless maybe you’re in really big trouble with your significant other!).  A thoughtful, personal pick can be the winner.  Here are 7 ideas to get you in the mood:

1) Spa day – who wouldn’t love a gift certificate to their favorite salon or spa for a little R & R?  Massage Envy has some affordable massages and packages.

2) Chocolate lava cakes with Jeni’s ice cream – These chocolate lava cakes can be baked right in your cozy kitchen (easy!) and they put on quite a show with a scoop of your favorite Jeni’s Ice Cream!

Lava Cake by kim siciliano salem

3) Soothing Touch massage oil (sandalwood is a favorite) plus a weekly back rub promise – this is a treasured and thoughtful gift for a hard-working partner that needs your TLC

4) Big Dipper heart-shaped beeswax candle or aromatherapy glass candle – helps set the mood, clear the air, and impart delightful honey scents around your home

5) piece of local art – check out local venues and galleries like Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, or Washington Glass School in Mt Rainier.  You can find something really special that will last forever, and help support local artists!

6) frame a photograph of a meaningful person, place or pet – this is a simple gift that conveys love, and evokes lasting memories

7) sponsor an adoptable pet in your honey’s name – check out Homeward Trails – this is a great gift for animal lovers!

Dizzy, a priority adoptable kitten @ Homeward Trails

No need to shun Valentine’s Day or purchase tons of ridiculous, meaningless trinkets – you can get personal and really make a statement to your special one!

Alyssa works in multiple MOMs locations.

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