Bryn Mawr Home Stretch!

Home stretch everyone! The Bryn Mawr Grand Opening festivities start on Friday, February 21. All customers who come in will receive a free, compostable MOM’s reusable bag loaded with awesome samples!

Staff has been hard at work training and putting together their store. We are really excited to be working with so many cool local vendors!

Wellness is loaded with neat extras, too from scarves, to socks, to hair pieces to “decomposition” books!

This location will feature a Naked Lunch, an all organic café within the store which serves made to order salads, steam bowls, sandwiches, juices and other specials.

And we also have a slew of great new products, including 4 different types of Grind-Your-Own Nut Butters. There’s still time to purchase your Groupon!

See you this weekend!

Krista works in multiple MOMs locations.

About kristabeck809

I am a fiend for the outdoors. I love finding great food. My beagle is the world to me. Flowers make my heart melt. Art is beautiful. I am an environmentalist. Exercise soothes my soul. Sunshine is my medicine. Adventure is my passion. Wine in the winter, beer in the summer. Family is my rock.
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2 Responses to Bryn Mawr Home Stretch!

  1. I wish, wish, wish, we had this in central Florida! How fantastic. 😊

  2. Chris Merringer says:

    Dear MOM’s & Naked Lunch,
    Welcome to the Neighborhood!!!
    We live within walking distance to the store and have enjoyed 3 visits to the store already. We wish you much success. I have already found savings on products that I usually buy, the quality of the produce has been wonderful, and the selection of products has been wonderful to explore.
    Thank-you for bringing a health & environmentally conscience business to our neighborhood!!
    Warm Regards,
    Chris & John

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