Compost for Dummies

I’ve been wanting to compost for months.  It took me a while to start: the selection of compost bins, tumblers, pails and mixes is overwhelming!  Did I want an open pile, upright bin or rotating bin?  When is the best time to start?  How will I get the right ratio of brown and green materials?  What IS the right ratio of brown and green materials?

Finally, after reading reviews and asking questions, I settled on and bought this guy:


Why yes, it is a dual-batch rotating compost tumbler!  I chose a bin because I didn’t want to encourage rodent visits, a dual-batch model to have two stages of decomposition and a rotating one for ease of mixing the compost.

What I like especially like about it is that it has two lids: one says “start” and one “finish,” so you always know which side to add your fresh scraps.


We started last Tuesday.  I grabbed several hands-full of brown leaves still on the ground since fall, and started adding kitchen scraps.  Once the bin was a quarter full, I added more leaves.  I also hosed it down because compost is supposed to be damp (excess water drained out of the air holes).

IMG_2251I have nearly no idea what I’m doing.  I’ve read some stuff and talked to some people, but I still don’t exactly know how it will work.  How long until I can use it?  Will the compost additive I bought help?  How long until the bin is full?

So we’re diving in, complete with our tumbler, kitchen pail and biodynamic additive.  I’ll keep you posted!

Eva works in MOM’s Central Office. 

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4 Responses to Compost for Dummies

  1. alyssabdh says:

    Hi Eva! Good look on your composting adventure! The most interesting thing I learned in my composting travels is that you don’t need to buy one darn thing! No bins, no additives (I used to use Bokashi), etc as long as you have a tiny bit of land. If I have really messy scraps I might bury them a bit under the surface using a shovel. It seems that using grass clippings, branches, and lawn waste to cover the mess keeps noticeable varmints out of there. My biggest problem is my dog. Because of him I save up kitchen scraps for a week or so and then bury them. He’s not much of a digger. Otherwise I would just get a bit of light fencing.

    Have fun!

  2. Did you have to order your bin online? I’ve been looking into it for our yard but hadn’t found one I liked. This one looks pretty cool!

    • Eva says:

      I really like it. I like the dual bins and the fact that I can just roll it to aerate/mix the compost. It’s really easy to use. I recommend it!

  3. The composition are require time i agree this but it is also true that this increase the productivity of the soil that are presented in our garden and utilizes the garbage… More Info

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