Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How Can I Re-purpose Your Branches?!

The time has come to take our Christmas tree down.  I found myself lying in bed trying to sleep thinking about ways I could re-purpose that lovely, yet slowly dying Fraser fir standing in my living room.  Here’s some ideas I had:

  1.  It’s our first real, “live” Christmas tree, so I thought it would be neat to cut a chunk out and whittle something out of it. Then I realized I have no idea how to whittle out a simple square let alone a bird or house or whatever people like to whittle. Which led to;
  2. Cut a thin slice off and burn “Our First Christmas Tree 2011” in the wood, seal it and make an ornament out of it. Which led to;
  3. Cut multiple thin pieces off the trunk, seal them and make rustic coasters out of them. Which led to;
  4. Google it!
    After a quick search on Google, a couple websites popped up which share some inspirational ideas that are worth sharing.


Anyone have any ideas they’d like to add?!

Happy New Year!

Charis works at MOM’s Central Office.

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1 Response to Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How Can I Re-purpose Your Branches?!

  1. David says:

    My family had a tradition of going out and cutting down a Christmas tree for years and years. As we set it up, we would cut a slice off of the bottom of the trunk and write the year on one end and tape a family photo (from us cutting it down) on the other. We now have a timeline of 25+ little cuts that are on display every year during the Holidays.

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