College Park MOMs is Expanding!

August 19th will be our expansion celebration in College Park. We’re thrilled to be giving our longtime customers here in College Park wider aisles for comfortable shopping and navigation, a gorgeous Produce department (still 100% certified organic – no exceptions, ever), new and efficient bulk bins, a huge & updated selection in the Wellness department, two customer restrooms, and a custom-made Customer Service desk to allow for better traffic flow.

Sky Lights in College Park!

Our customers have been telling us how excited they are for this remodel and we couldn’t agree more (although we’re all ready for it to be done!).

In addition to the more obvious customer-friendly attributes named above, we’re also pleased to provide environmentally-responsible improvements like huge skylights, energy-saving LED lighting that dim according to changes in the sun’s brightness, faux Terrazzo floor that required no new materials, and energy efficient closed-door coolers and freezers with LED lighting. Low VOC paint was used on all new surfaces for a fresh look with no fumes.

As a big thank you to our loyal (and kind and patient) customers, please come by for our celebration weekend starting August 19th!

We’ll have lots of fun for kids like face-painting and games. For grown-ups we’ll have demonstrations by Solar City, goody bag giveaways, raffles and tasty treats. Finally, our favorite event – an E-cycle collection for all your home electronics that will go to Cap Asset for environmentally-responsible recycling. Collection will include everything from computer monitors to calculators, all weekend long. If you need to get rid of it, bring it in! (Don’t let it go to the landfill, please.)

Our regular hours are 9am-9pm everyday except Sundays which are 9am-8pm. We hope to see everyone in PG County there!

The Fruit Set in College Park (100% certified organic)

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2 Responses to College Park MOMs is Expanding!

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  2. Holly says:

    I have been a faithful customer since MOMs opened their doors. College Park had always been my favorite store. I was excited about the renovations but so disappointed with the outcome. The aisles are wonderfully wide but the end caps are so narrow I had to wait in an aisle for another customer to pass. It’s also like walking thru a maze past the animal refrigerator section. That is bad enough to keep my vegan husband out of the store in the future. If I’m in a hurry I don’t want to have to follow the maze on the left to retrieve something on the right. The checkout area is cramped. Overall, I’m very disappointed in the renovations. Please open another entry aisle so we vegans and vegetarians aren’t forced to pass the unethical raw meat section. MOMs Bowie has a wonderful, open flow. I’m able to reach any aisle I need without being a lab animal in a maze. Please consider opening access to your awesome products.

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