Timonium: Here We Come!

The MOMs stores are abuzz with excitement over our Timonium location, which is opening at the end of this month!

Some of my favorite things about this location (the shelves aren’t even up yet!) are the old school composite floors. They have a pinkish hue, and are certainly not fashionable and cool like most modern retailers would choose. However, I love these floors because they are original & very high quality, and I know they would’ve been ripped up and thrown in the landfill if we were picky about being fashionable. Thankfully, we’re not and so we’ll have these pinky-orange retro vintage old school floors in Timonium, and they’re going to do their job just great.

Another of my favorite things (so far) are the sky lights. The sky lights allow natural light into the store so that we can use less electricity from lighting during sunny hours. Plus, natural light is kind to peoples’ moods. Sky lights are not popular among shopping establishments, in that controlling lighting can be more complicated and of course it costs money! But, for MOMs stores, we find having that natural light is worth the trouble.Timonium skylights

Its exciting to reach so many of our customers that currently travel long distances to visit us in Jessup and Frederick, with this new location. We know we’re going to be able to provide recycling of all sorts of stuff (from CFLs and batteries to paper and cans), like we do in our other stores, which helps keep the earth a little cleaner. We’ll also get to purchase even more wind power to cover the energy costs in Timonium, which makes us all feel good.

Its fun to read the fan mail we’re getting from Timonium residents on our Facebook page, which keeps us going when we see the hard work ahead of us in getting this new store open. We hope you’ll visit us!

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