Timonium Update!

We’re in full-swing now, setting up our Timonium store and its going very well.  I’m a big fan of the customer service desk, shown here during installation.  Its made from many environmentally-friendly materials by a local custom woodworker.   As always, our Free cups of fresh coffee, herbal or green tea, or Santevia-filtered water will be located on this desk.  Delicious breads will be available at this location as well.

The produce section, (you know how nutty we are about our 100% organic selection) is going to be vibrant and crisp, thanks to the excellent set-up for our top-notch produce staff.  We’ll have our compostable produce bags available for your greens, as well as re-usable produce bags available for purchase.

Speaking of bags, the new black re-usable MOMs shopping bags with a tree & apple design seem to be popular in our other stores and we’ll have a good selection on hand for opening weekend in Timonium, at our York Ridge Shopping Center location, starting May 28.

For those who don’t know, MOM’s does not sell bottled water.  This was part of our plastic-reduction campaign we called Plastic Surgery.  We will offer a free gallon of Culligan filtered water in your own container on each visit, 1 per household.  Each time you come, the first gallon is free, and the additional gallons are just 39 cents.  We’ll have a great selection of MOMs-tested re-usable water bottles (we really use these like crazy).

The new LED lights are in now, and a Huge variety of supplements, bodycare and cosmetics are getting set up now.

I bet there are some great things about MOMs that I’m forgetting to introduce, so feel free to Comment with anything I’ve missed!  Hopefully we’ll see you all for the May 28th opening!

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9 Responses to Timonium Update!

  1. Mich Gre says:

    What is wrong with tap water. This program with free gallon-containers of water sounds like it will use a fair amount of plastic, too. And when things are free, people take with complete libertine (admittedly, MOMs shoppers will have less recklessness, but still.)

  2. alyssabdh says:

    In theory there is nothing wrong with tap water. There are a fair amount of residents around here who live in older homes, though, who suspect their plumbing could add contaminants to their water before it comes out of the faucet. These residents, and many others, prefer filtered water. Since customers who partake in our free water reuse their own gallon containers, there is quite a lot less plastic waste than in the case of people who buy dozens of individual plastic bottles of water and discard them after every use.

    I’m not sure how a customer could abuse this service we offer. But we feel it drives home the point that buying bottles of water is exorbitantly expensive compared to using this service. I think of it as being parallel to our policy of giving 10 cents for each reusable bag that is used. It helps people see the economic benefit that we would otherwise reap (from using fewer paper bags which we pay for), so it helps the earth and helps their pockets, and thereby encourages people to participate.

    This service may not be perfect but it has been a great way to open up dialog about the issue of water with many people who otherwise thought it was OK to purchase tons of bottled water, which is likely just tap water (only less regulated) that has traveled across the US in gas-fueled trucks just to have the container discarded. Even recycling of water bottles has become so overloaded that many are shipped to foreign countries for landfills as trash instead of being recycled.

    Thanks for your comments. As you can see, I’m passionate about the issue and love that your brought up “what is wrong with tap water?” – I say “nothing at all!”.

  3. StephanieH - Rockville says:

    Many of our customers, are so dedicated to coming to get our Culligan filtered water and not wasting plastic, that they will do whatever they can to their old, worn-out containers to make them last just a few more trips. I have seen old milk gallons from decades ago, bottles taped together with duct tape, with new handles attached made from rope or cardboard since the old ones had given out….It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding to help our customers stay healthy by offering a clean water source, and seeing what they do for the planet in return!

  4. Yvette Wiliams says:

    I’ve been a customer of “MOM”s Jessup location since they opened the store. I excercise in the Columbia area on the weekends, which is how I discovered the store. The new Timonium “MOM”s is near where I live.
    I love the store!

  5. alyssabdh says:

    Thanks, Yvette! So glad we moved closer to your neck of the woods. Timonium has been so much fun to open!

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  9. It is great to hear that you are offering free water re-fills to people who come in your store. Clean water is so important today with all of the impurities in our water, and it’s sad that people do not know of the tainted water they are consuming.

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