What’s Grillin? Garlic Scapes and Crimini Mushrooms

I’m kind of notorious for being the lazy & cheap organic cook in my household. I love to find cheap and easy ways to add a little fresh flavor to the dinner table, even though my husband does most of the cooking (thanks, honey!).


So for a recent grill night, my hubby threw some local Ayrshire Farm kielbasas on the grill and I pulled together a bit of a veggie saute for the grill, and finally we added some Seeds of Change Caribbean Style Rice for an eclectic meal.

Serves 2 as a side dish. Add a couple varieties of mushrooms to make it a satisfying entree.

3-4 garlic scapes
5-6 Crimini mushrooms
1 leaf of collards (I try to sneak dark leafy greens into every dish)
splash of oil
(optional) pat of butter
salt & pepper to taste or a sprinkle of Herbamare seasoning (my fav)


1. cut the garlic scapes into 1-inch or 1 & 1/2 inch lengths scapescriminis

2. slice crimini mushrooms

3. cut the collard leaf into small strips

4. toss into a non-coated aluminum or oven safe baking pan, drizzle oil, add butter (optional), and sprinkle with seasonings

5. put the whole pan (pan and all) directly onto the grill and let the heat and the smoke do its magic, about 6-10 minutes

A note about garlic scapes: Garlic scapes have a garlicscapeslight buttery flavor with a slightly sweet finish, and just a hint of garlic essence (you can easily eat a mouthful of them and not be overwhelmed). They can be about the texture of a tougher green bean so cook them slightly longer than you would a green bean of equal size. They’re best if they retain a bit of crunch, though, so try not to over-do it. They complement the meaty tenderness of mushrooms of all types. We love garlic scapes this time of year because they’re locally grown (and organic of course), and they freeze well for winter soup stocks, mashed potatoes and stuffings in the Fall.

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