Update: Adventures in Juicing

In just about 3 weeks, the juicing adventure has paid off by way of a dramatic decrease in headaches, and about 9 pounds lost. While I’m not fasting, I’ve scaled back on snacks and treats and replaced most carbs with veggies. My hubby has lost 25 pounds in the same timeframe. I’m trying not to be jealous! We’re biking and walking more (aided by the beautiful weather, of course) and generally adjusting to this new lifestyle.

Thanks, everyone, for your positive support. Onward!

Alyssa works in multiple MOMs locations.

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3 Responses to Update: Adventures in Juicing

  1. Happenstance Gourmande says:

    WOW! congrats. i noticed that when i started juicing, i have no more sweet tooth and zero headaches. and my terrible dc allergies have abated. 9 lbs sounds like a shopping spree is in the works for the weekend 🙂 awesome job you two!

  2. Scott says:

    25lbs. in 3 weeks?!?! C’mon, seriously?

    • alyssabdh says:

      Yep, he dropped from 255 to 230. The pounds are slowing down now, presumably he’s putting on a little more muscle too, and besides that weight loss has a natural ebb and flow, which can be quite annoying. Mine seems to ebb more than flow, in general! Anyway, the whole experiment isn’t really about weight loss anyway, so onward!

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