Herndon-bound: New MOM’s Opening October 28th-31st

Its only 2 days until our newest store, in Herndon VA, opens!  We’ve got tons of fun stuff going on this weekend to entertain our newest local community.

One of our most popular events, E-cycle, will be available all weekend at Herndon MOM’s.  You can drop off any old electronics for recycling, ensuring they do not go to the landfill.  MOM’s has already collected more than 37,000 pounds of used electronics in 2011 at our other E-cycle events.

MOM’s is also pleased to announce we’ll be starting Terrapass soon, where MOM’s will cover the carbon offset of our customers’ trips to the store and back home.  We’ll be collecting zip codes so we can determine what we owe, and announcing more details soon!

For grand opening weekend, we’ll have tons of samples and treats from local farms and brands like  BMore Organic smoothies, Cava Mezze, Chesapeake Bay Roasting Co coffee, Zia’s cafe, Latimore Valley Farms, Trickling Springs dairy (all day Saturday), Caprikorn Farms, and BT Baking Co.  Join us for Wine Tastings on Friday 3-7pm, and Saturday 4-7pm.

Fun kids activities: paint a pumpkin or build a bat box, while supplies last.

Our everyday niceties are in full effect, too: free organic coffee, herbal teas, or filtered water, while you shop.  As everyone knows, MOMs banned selling bottled water in 2010.  We maintain a reverse-osmosis filtered water machine from Culligan, and we provide the first gallon FREE on each visit (bring your own container, please, or buy a reusable one on your trip), and each additional gallon is just $.39.

We carry your bags to your car in an attempt to make your day go a little smoother, and we give a reusable bag credit for the number of bags you bring and fill up on your trip!

As always, our new store will be chock full of environmentally-friendly equipment and decor, including skylights, and auto-dimming LED light bulbs in all tracks.  MOMs is big on composting, and you’ll find that all our supplies in the store (coffee cups, stirrers, water cups, lids, produce bags, bulk pre-pack bags, household cleaning supplies, napkins, spoons, etc) are compostable.  We choose closed-door refrigeration to reduce the waste of energy in air heating and conditioning.

Come on by Herndon MOM’s on Elden St on Friday Oct 28th from 9am to 9pm, Saturday October 29th from 9am to 9pm, Sunday October 30th from 9am to 8pm, or Monday October 31st from 9am to 9pm (boo!) for some fun & food.  Oh, and we could never forget – 100% certified organic produce (spectacular produce, actually).  No exceptions.

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1 Response to Herndon-bound: New MOM’s Opening October 28th-31st

  1. Laurie says:

    What about a location in Jefferson County, WV?

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