Unemployment, Christmas, and $8

In the parking lot in front of MOM’s Bowie this weekend I found a wad of cash. Unraveling the wad, I see its only $8 but it includes a dry cleaner receipt which shows the name & phone number of the owner. I debated, as the wind blew through my thin fall coat, whether to call them over 8 measly dollars and then I remembered how frustrating it is to lose cash!  My trusty iPhone connected me and it turns out the owner was in a nearby dollar store and she came out to get her cash. She remarked that $8 was no small loss at Christmas-time since she’d been out of work for 2 months. We bid good-byes & niceties and I went about my grocery shopping.

As I drove home I thought, I wonder if she knows that MOM’s and other retailers start hiring more during the winter season? This is the retailer busy season. I know its not glamorous work that pays six figures right off the bat, but MOM’s is a great place to work, and there are many perks, like a 20% discount on all purchases, and benefits available to full-time workers. Retail experience and loads of education are not necessary to be hired at MOM’s. You simply need the track record that proves you’re a smart, quick, out-going, passionate person who loves to do great work beyond the expected. If you’re not that person then our competition is probably hiring (wink, wink). Check out our website for Careers and job listings available. Happy Holidays!

Alyssa works at all MOM’s locations.

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