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Organic Lawn Care Toolshed

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The holidays are upon us! Snow-flake and wreath decorations started cropping up in October, and we knew what that meant: get your wallets.  The most consumptive (and possible least eco) time of year was coming! The problem isn’t giving.  Generosity … Continue reading

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The Mystery Behind the Numbers

Recycling isn’t very intuitive.  Some sorts of plastic can be recycled, some sorts of packaging can’t, it varies in every county… I know I’m guilty of pitching something into the recycle bin and hoping I made the right choice! Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Avoid GMOs, Buy Organic

October is non-GMO month.  What does that mean?  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, which refers to the genetic engineering of a plant (or animal) by scientists.  Many consumers are concerned about the impact of genetically engineered plants on the … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Lightbulbs

Is anyone else confused about lightbulbs?  I know there are different kinds, and some are considered better for the environment than others.  Which is which? For most people, here are our lightbulb choices: Incandescent: makes light by passing an electric … Continue reading

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What’s Cookin? Home-made Pizza Crust with Goat Cheese Topping

Ever made your own pizza crust?  I hadn’t until last night, and this recipe makes it is!  The simple dough doesn’t require time to rise so you can make a pizza in just over an hour.  For a change of … Continue reading

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What’s Cookin? Chunky Gazpacho Soup

People love soup, but many of us don’t feel like a hot meal in the middle of summer!  Enter gazpacho.  Gazpacho is a cold, fresh soup, usually tomato-based, and originating in the southern region of Spain.  This gazpacho is partly … Continue reading

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