Have a Bee-Friendly Yard

National Honey Bee Day is this Saturday!  One way to “bee” friendly is to create a pollinator-friendly garden by avoiding pesticides and planting flowers that bloom at different times.

All these flowers are indigenous to the Eastern United States.  They have the sort of names that I wouldn’t expect to be paired with colorful flowers:


For more pollinator-friendly suggestions, Beyond Pesticides has a great resource!

Eva works at MOM’s Central Office.

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Chief Marketing Consultant for North America's North America’s most recognized women entrepreneurs and leaders in the women helping women economy.
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2 Responses to Have a Bee-Friendly Yard

  1. gedance says:

    When I moved here in ’87, I was guided by butterflies in planting my garden. Now I’m happily overrun by milkweeds. Their flowers are beautifully fragrant. The young stalks can be cooked and eaten, the small pods can also be cooked–or eaten raw! I rarely see butterflies, tho’ I did see a caterpillar of the sort that turns into the ‘fake’ of the one that flies to Mexico (sorry, nouns slipping away!) But I do see lots of bees–currently very large ones, territorial bees I think. There were honeybees earlier.

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