Majestic Creature in its Natural…WAIT.

giraffen-suedafrika-5gWhat natural creatures do you see every day?  I see squirrels and deer pretty often.  And insects!  Stink bugs are common in my house, and I’m starting to see bees and moths regularly.  Occasionally I see a chipmunk or rabbit, too.

I have a good friend who has family in South Africa.  When her cousins visit the U.S., they marvel at the squirrels and deer we have everywhere.  My friend and I always find this hilarious because in South Africa seeing giraffes, elephants, monkeys, lions, zebras, and hippos is no big deal.  Really!?  A giraffe is a thousand times more interesting than a squirrel!  It’s all what you’re used to….

Which brings me to this little creature.  It’s pretty common in most of the world, and most of us are used to seeing it in our daily lives:

Pretty well done, don’t you think?


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