Dandelions Are Our Friends

dandelion1Dandelions contain protein, calcium, iron, Vitamins A & C.  There are uses for almost every part of the plant.  The roots and greens can be used to make a tonic that promotes digestion and acts as a diuretic.  Dandelions are also known for their liver support.  You know that white milky stuff that comes out when you puncture the bud of a dandelion? Apply that to a wart several times a day and the wart dissolves!

Not only are dandelions edible for us, they are edible for animals. Small birds eat the seeds, pigs gorge themselves on dandelions, rabbits thrive off of dandelion and you can even sneak dandelion into your dog’s food for smoother digestion.

Just remember, when considering foraging for wild dandelion, be sure to gather from unpolluted and chemical free areas!

Below are some awesome uses for dandelions:

1) Dandelion Wine

2) Dandelion Root Tea

3) Sautee’d Dandelions 

4) Boiled Dandelions

5) Fried Dandelion Fritters

6) Dandelion Salad


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I am a fiend for the outdoors. I love finding great food. My beagle is the world to me. Flowers make my heart melt. Art is beautiful. I am an environmentalist. Exercise soothes my soul. Sunshine is my medicine. Adventure is my passion. Wine in the winter, beer in the summer. Family is my rock.
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