Lawn Lunch

dandelionsYou may have a salad growing in your yard.

There are lots of reasons not to treat your lawn with chemicals and pesticides, and one of them is that your yard may be edible!   You may find your relationship with pesky weeds changing once you realize that they are also tasty greens.

As a kid, I remember eating salads with dandelion greens harvested from our yard, and seeing home-grown pansies as a garnish on dishes.  I felt a little weird eating them at first, but “weird” is usually adjustable.

However, don’t go out today and start gnawing on your ivy.  Always check an unfamiliar plant with someone from your local Native Plant Society or by careful research.  And try just a nibble first.  Best to find out if you dislike something or it doesn’t agree with you before you make a plateful for dinner.

Here are some of the many options!

Lamb's quarters

Lamb’s quarters




Curled Dock

Curled Dock

Lamb’s Quarters – a relative of spinach which raw actually has more iron, protein and b12 than spinach or cabbage!

Green Amaranth – mild-tasting with a hairy stem, these are a great veggie side-dish.

Purslane – a ground-hugging, purpleish-red green rich in iron and calcium.

Curled Dock – this guy can grow up to five feet tall with small, green blossoms.  Rather strong tasting, but delicious creamed or double-boiled.

These and many more wild edible plants could be growing in your yard!

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2 Responses to Lawn Lunch

  1. aprilholman says:

    Fabulous! More people need to realize that they practically have a produce isle in their yard. Why struggle so much to get rid of free delicious food! Thank you for sharing!

    • Eva says:

      Totally agree. And there are tons of cool recipes for yard-greens online! I’m looking forward to experimenting…

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