Chard and Berry Sauté

well… a type of berry.    why not add a little crunch to your sautéed chard, with wheat berries?!   i solicited them for their crunch-factor in this instance, but lucky for us, they’re a great source of fiber and minerals too!

we sell them in several varieties at MOM’s, in our dry bulk section and in packages near the rice.

i dreamed this up yesterday morning, in a plan to pair it with salmon for dinner. but it will go well in my packed lunch with quinoa too!  i’d like to try it with tempeh in the future.

chard and berry sauté

handful hard red winter wheat berries

handful raisins

1/4 red onion, chopped

1/4 white onion, chopped

thumb-sized nib fresh ginger, freshly chopped

splash extra virgin olive oil

splash canola oil

careful splash sesame chili oil

sprinkle ginger powder

sprinkle garlic granules

several sprinkles cracked red pepper flakes

sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

so, boil the wheat berries and raisins in a small sauce pan to start.  leave those on the stove  while you’re chopping your veggies and washing your chard.  wheat berries need to cook for a while.  once they’re finished, drain 2/3 of the water from them, but save a little.

when you’re ready, (meaning the wheat berries are done cooking and the raisins are plump) sauté the chopped onion with the oils and spices.

when the onions are soft and have browned a little, lower the heat.  add the chard, chopped chard stems and all. stir to coat the leaves with oil.

pour the wheat berries and raisins, and they’re remaining raisin-sweetened water, into the sauté pan with the chard and the onions.  the water will help to steam the chard, and will add a little sweetness to complement the spices.

in a matter of minutes, your chard and berry sauté will be ready to serve!

Chard & Berry Salad

Chard & Berry Salad

disfruta!  🙂

Adrienne works at MOMs Rockville.

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