MOMs is Turning 25!

Come celebrate with us Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st at any MOMs location!  We’ll have lots of delicious free food, live local music, fun kids activities, and lots of recycling: jeans, shoes, glasses, and electronics.

That’s the story of MOMs: The Early Years!  Hope we’ll see you all at the store nearest you!

Hashtag for Twitterers: #MOMsTurns25 and #MOMsAnniversary

Check out: Vegetarian Times, NPR, Diane Rehm, Chevy Malibu station wagon, or Evelyn Dr.

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2 Responses to MOMs is Turning 25!

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  2. Elisha Tuggie says:

    Organic foods are always the best since they do not contain trace amounts of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. :

    Have a look at our personal blog page as well

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