Triplex Birdhouse: The Saga

Something terrible happened today. The lovely triplex birdhouse made from reclaimed wood has been a cozy little home for 2 bird families for a couple weeks now.

Marauders raided the homes today. Big, black mockingbird-looking bullies infiltrated the happy little domiciles and commenced ripping pieces of nest and fluff out of the homes. They’ve strewn the remnants all over the yard, carrying some to high branches on a nearby tree and then flicking them down onto the birdhouse.

Triplex Birdhouse.. wrecked.

Its a mess. There was a lot of debate during the construction of the houses: we only had a 2-inch wide drill bit to make the entry hole. Google made it clear we needed a 1 & 1/2 inch hole, but we decided what harm could it do?

Well, it turns out, plenty. We’ll be deciding a plan of action to reclaim our birdhouses for the rightful residents. Wish us luck, again.

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