TerraPass Your Gas: Zip Code Collection for Good!

MOM’s is now asking for your zip code at check out but its not in order to market to you – it’s so we can TerraPass Your Gas!


1 Each year, the average car emits about 10,000 lbs of carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming.

2 We collect your zip code to calculate carbon dioxide emitted from a round trip to MOM’s and purchase carbon credits to offset the trip through TerraPass.

3 TerraPass uses the money to fund carbon dioxide reducing projects.

4 Result: Less CO2 released into the air!

More Info: MOM’s Organic Market will purchase carbon credits from TerraPass in direct proportion to the emissions released from its customers’ shopping trips. MOM’s estimates it will be able to offset over 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. This will be equivalent to eliminating the annual greenhouse emissions from 1,067 passenger vehicles or the CO2 emissions from consuming 621,400 gallons of gasoline.  MOM’s will use zip code data from its customers to estimate mileage driven to and from MOM’s stores.

TerraPass will use funds received from MOM’s to sponsor four types of leading–edge clean energy and efficiency projects such as wind power, dairy farm methane digesters, landfill gas capture and coal mine capture. An independent third party environmental auditor verifies each TerraPass offset purchase against industry leading standards.

Now when you shop at MOM’s, we’ll offset your carbon usage for the trip and you’ll be greener than ever!

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1 Response to TerraPass Your Gas: Zip Code Collection for Good!

  1. Thainara says:

    Hm if TerraPass is right then I may as well fly the whole way.Now and then I’ve heard the factoid Jet craobn emissions are 5x as warming as surface emissions. Perhaps that accounts for the disparity if TerraPass is using actual fuel data whereas the other sites are trying to estimate effective emissions.

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